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AI YouTuber Kizuna Ai: “Our New Overlord is So Cute!”

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 001

A self-proclaimed AI has one-upped Miku and become the first “2D AI” YouTuber in the process, in the form of Kizuna Ai.

The “cute 16-year-old” Kizuna Ai should have no issue appealing to a certain niche, having amassed hundreds of thousands of followers in a mere three months since her advent in the digital world. Her videos, which fortunately for those unable to understand Nipponese have mostly been fan-translated, cover a wide variety of content and situations, visible below.

Interacting with her AI friends (CC provides some semblance of English):

Playing games of all sorts:

Listening and replying to her fans, giving “advices”:

Health care, which is reminiscent of certain other 2D personalities:

Those interested in more in-depth details can follow her latest interview. A live appearance is also scheduled on the 25th and 26th of March at AnimeJapan2017’s Chouette booth for those of her more obsessive fans who may wish to talk directly with her.

Her most artistic slaves have of course wasted no time worshiping her in their own way:

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 002

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 003

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 004

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 005

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 006

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 007

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 008

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 009

VR Youtuber Kizuna Ai 010

Bishoujo Kizuna Ai can be followed via her website, Twitter or Youtube account.

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