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Sweet Thief Caught Sticky-Handed


A slippery thief known for terrorizing Tokyo and Ishikawa Prefecture with his sweetie stealing has finally been apprehended, once again demonstrating how swiftly Japan’s finest can respond to the most heinous of crimes.

The unemployed 51-year-old (supposedly nicknamed “Sugar” by investigators) has been accused of pilfering and devouring over 250 desserts (ice cream, chocolate and pudding, among other treats) over 40 different incidents as far back as 2013, with his lack of gainful employ likely serving as the motive – along with a taste for all things sweet and sugary.

Surveillance cameras managed to pin down the culprit and will likely be used as evidence for his sinister stealing, though his sloppy work in making away with the goods – leaving a mess of crumbs behind at the scene for police to extract DNA from – may have also proven to be his downfall.

Additionally suspected to have stolen a pair of sandals, the sentence for the relentlessly hungry man has yet to be declared.

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