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King of Fighters CG Series Announced




Lesser appreciated fighting game franchise King of Fighters will be receiving its own 3D CG series entitled “The King of Fighters: Destiny”, a decision that will hopefully bring the series one step closer to equaling the popularity of Street Fighter.

The official website revealed that over 20 characters from the fighting game will make an appearance in the animated series and also listed names of both Chinese and Japanese seiyuu, suggesting that the animation may not be solely a Chinese exclusive.

The trailer, courtesy of the official website:

The King of Fighters: Destiny will debut first in China during the summer, though there has been no date announced for a Japanese release, let alone a western one.

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  • Forget sales. King of fighters has always been more advanced than any other fighting game.

    capcom just repeats the same shit and retards rush to buy. just like apple i-phones samsung phones are always better.

    street fighter has since number 4 become total shit. this editor is a bias faggot. fuck ya all.

  • Funny, I was just thinking that KoF was one of the game series that really deserved a full animated adaptation… unfortunately this looks pretty bad.

    Weird to see it putting so much emphasis on the Fatal Fury characters, though- they were basically irrelevant in the story of KoF itself, but Fatal Fury was still SNK’s biggest franchise after KoF (and got a pretty decent anime adaptation back in the 90s) so they’re still pretty popular I guess. Plus hopefully Mai will bounce up sometime.

  • Meh, even Tekken couldn’t get it right when it had characters like Bryan Fury they could have had a lot of fun with..

    What’s KoF going to do besides Terry’s “Crum on!” engrish, geese’s stuff, or just having Mai/Yuri/Mary show up for their deep and meaningful…….BOOBS?