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Haruhi: “Now Teaching English to Students”


The newly revised edition of English textbook “World Trek English Communication I” (intended to teach English to Japanese students) will feature renowned KyoAni heroine Haruhi Suzumiya, bound to be regarded as an effective motivator for young anime fans whilst confusing those unfamiliar with the fictional girl.

The textbook will be available to first year Japanese students of the new school year starting April 1st and will boast a reading section based on the Haruhi series, however this 6-hour reading is slated for near the end of the school year and will likely serve as the most difficult content in the book.



While the concept of anime characters being used to teach students about important issues or to maintain their interest is nothing new, some are wondering if Haruhi’s popularity will be able to reach that of a certain famed English teacher

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