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Because Furries are legion

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  • “Horny Bathhouse” For American Audiences Only:

  • Tenshi no 3P! Busty Beach Bonanza:
    cute & hot tanned girl who is also extremely obsessed with the protagonist lost to a bunch of lolis, really? dude you failed at your job!!

  • Kakegurui Marvelously Masochistic:
    This anime has full blown hentai potential, but the popularity isn’t there for it, which is a backlash since most people give it a cold shoulder b/c of its unique craziness.

  • Ufotable Sorry for “Drunk” Horse C**k Tweets:
    The problem is the public image of Ufotable being tarnished because of a publicly known employees choice of actions. It is unprofessional and Ufotable have the right to expect there employees to react responsibly. Anyone can argue that he can post what he wants, but when the reputation of the company he works at is also tied to his posts then he is expected to have a certain level of decency. All in all the post was something befitting 2ch, and not something that should have been shared on …

  • Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku “Trump to Become Villain”:
    If the Americans withdraw troops in Japan, and leave North Korea there, will they continue to do so?


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