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Agreed, I already said the same just a few days ago. For all it’s flawss, Sonic Adventure still holds up. I can’t say the same about this one. I hate the core design already. All the rings and springs and dash panels and whatnot. Remember when that sorta stuff seemed fun, before Sega said “Dimp My Sonic”? (if you get the reference)

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  • Final Fantasy VII Remake “Still Ages Away”:
    Show of hands Who in their right mind is still chomping at the bit for a FFVII remake for some ungodly reason?

  • Fatal Fighter “Has An All Woman Roster!”:
    I’m pretty sure Capcom/SNK would need definitivee proof that Fatal Fighter’s developers knowingly used unscrupulously obtained assets without either company’s permission for the sake of profit if they hope to make a case though. They need a whole lot more than just “their game looks, sounds and plays just like ours” or they will easily lose the case. Funny thing about video games, you claim copyright infringement, the burden of proof is actually on your shoulders and without legit evidence your …

  • Fatal Fighter “Has An All Woman Roster!”:
    This looks like Streei Fighter IV and KoF MI2 ran through a blender and turned into an ecchi smoothie With half melted ice and semi sour milk/yogurt and slightly rotted fruit So basically it’s watered down as all hell and outdated af To be fair though, I’ll still keep an eye on it’s eventual release Because knowing me, I’ll still play it anyway for the heavily fanservicey girls ARGH!

  • Top 20 Most Irritating Shonen Jump Heroines:
    Sakura somehow only made 6 and Nami somehow only made 13? I would love to know how any of these other girls are somehow more irritating than those. They’re the primary reasons (though not the only ones) that Naruto and One Piece are totally unwatchable smh

  • Top 20 Most Irritating Shonen Jump Heroines:
    *posted before reading* If Sakura Haruno and Nami aren’t near the top of this list, and Chichi isn’t on it somewhere, I officially call bullshit on this list smh


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