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Still liking Sonic is fine, but do you buy the Sonic games when they come out? I see them and wonder if the Devs are just throwing stuff at the wall now.

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  • Japan’s Sex Gap: 25% Now “Middle-Aged Virgins”:
    I live in the USA, and I’m 30 and a Virgin. I just feel nothing towards anyone so I get why people would choose not to breed with others. I think people are just sick of each other, more so if you live in huge cities/towns. I heard for the first time in I think 90 years the USA is starting to loose population as well. THANK GODS, the world is over populated already.

  • Demi-chan wa Kataritai Headed The Right Way:
    I think so as well, but what if the show swings the other way, and the Principle has a Demi-girl as a kid, and no one knows, and he thinks…I forgot his name :P would be a good way to help her out.

  • Masamune-kun no Revenge “Too Many Characters”:
    I do agree. ALL THIS just to make a person feel bad. That’s why I left at episode 3. I dont get why people enjoy this one, dude is a right dick.

  • Pokemon the Movie 20: “Back to the Anime’s Roots!”:
    In a world where EVERYONE fights monsters with monsters is ok…. HERE on Earth where almost no one does it. Its bad, so lets drop the snark.

  • Chikan Innocent: “Groping Her in 1 Second Was Impossible!”:
    Not sure if he can sue the girl, or the nation?(state?) but I would look into that after losing my job, and being kept in jail for 6 months on nothing but being called a groper WITH no evidence at that point.


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