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I don’t know where Sankaku is getting these opinions but from the people I’ve discussed with and seen online people are actually very optimistic about the new game, just a lot of doubt on the gameplay from the different Sonics.
Honestly at this point it’s like an agenda to push hate on Sonic the Hedgehog when you only talk about negative views of it, you can’t mention you like Sonic without someone talking about how the old games were the best or that it was never good or that’s it’s always shit. And if you have doubts some people really have a personal grudge on Sonic you can just go watch IGN’s first review of Sonic Unleashed or really anything on IGN that discusses Sonic. Arin from game grumps helped a lot on that regard years ago since he hated anything that had Sonic in it though he’s toned down with it. Not sure if it’s butthurt Nintendo or Mario fans or something.
I’m just happy the franchise can still go and the amazing marketing work they’ve been doing lately with Twitter is great. Last time I was this excited about Sonic was when Generations came out and now we’re getting two games at almost the same time with different flavours for both sides of the fan base. I give my props to SEGA, Sonic Team and Christian Whitehead who’s a really cool guy for making those amazing remaster of the Genesis/MegaDrive games who managed to get a great spot working on Sonic Mania now.

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