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if yur going to use my waifu’s name use len’s name as well. otherwise write ran and lin.

or lan and lin, or none of the above. like honestly getting half right is still factually wrong. i hate it the most when someone that literally gets paid for writing still manages to get it wrong. don’t propagate bad habits please

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  • Criminal Girls: Invite Only Nude Mod Emerges:
    *patiently waits for further nudity* i-it’s not like i have a crush on sako R-really! bakas

  • Admirable Ahri Cosplay Infinitely Entrancing:
    i think (maybe) what he actually means is, instead of someone just making a cosplay where they’re a fox with nine tails (like from naruto) the person will most likely pick ahri because she’s more popular. or they just don’t play league.

  • Project Diva X Costume Extravaganza:
    yay waifu on front page <3~. :3

  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    closet furries oh yes i do secretly dream sometimes about how slowly but surely the female race would just turn into full blown cats and I’d fuck them. >.> Please review what a furry is. those images should help ya =D

  • Sakura Trick BD Trickless Yuri Mayhem:
    sakura trick, the most dull yuri anime ever. even the set-up is stupid enough to make me feel like I’ve somewhat lost my ability to enjoy a good yuri. oh wait never mind i still like sayaka x kyouko :3. one thing i did notice is that unless the yuri is hidden under a bigger plot element (like in saki) i don’t actually end up liking it. school centric anime is soo old now, I’ve started to rather watch Naruto then watch another sakura trick episode.


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