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From Ren’s point of view this has got to be so damn surreal, considering he won’t be hearing the sound we hear but instead sees Rin dancing to the BGM of Luka’s moaning in the AV…

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  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    I liked Chu-Bra. (I may be the only one who did.) If it was an ecchi flop, it’s because it wasn’t really that ecchi. The main girl was simply a geek, who happened to geek out about bras and female underwear, due to her family being designers of such. I mean, in an ecchi show, the main character will be looking at (if male) or embarrassed to be showing (if female) a bra being worn. In Chu-Bra, the main character starts explaining the construction differences between different types of bras, and …

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    Death sentence PLEASE!!

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  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    And that thought policing goes for both sides.

  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    You got part of that right. Back in the day it was only from these right wing fake Bible thumpers, many of who sleeps around while policing cartoon nudity. Now you got these left wing fake SJW, who also tries to censor cartoon nudity, because they are too chickenshit to go after actual real world issues, or part of their leadership are just as much into actual pedoshit as part of the right wing leadership, so they need to be seen as tough on thought policing.


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