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Bones sort of failed with the world building for this franchise.

Let’s break it down.

Eureka Seven was a pretty awesome series, it pretty much had a self contained story and concluded pretty well. I doubt anyone required more from these characters.

Along came Eureka Seven Ao, this series was kinda terrible. It took a dump on what made Eureka Seven special and it wasn’t anywhere close to the level of popularity or success of Eureka Seven.

So they’re left with a situation where they have to milk the original series because they’re incapable of producing something on the same level as the original.

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  • Eureka Seven Film Trilogy Announced:
    “not a remake” “re-recorded dialogue” “original ending” Logic error. If it’s not a remake you can’t RE record. Nor can you make an “original” ending if it already IS original.

  • Eureka Seven Film Trilogy Announced:
    You forgot about eureka 7: pocket full of stones or something movie. Btw, eureka ao wasnt so bad. I consider its pretty good and clever show. I mean, flower wich growing back trought time, arent this isnt a fuckign amazingly creative? If it wasnt so much story plot holes, it could be really awesome.

  • Eureka Seven Film Trilogy Announced:

  • Eureka Seven Film Trilogy Announced:
    Silly wabbit. Let me tell you how capitalism works. Any mistake that make money is repeating until it doesn’t. The more money, the more the mistake is repeated. Like, let’s reboot the Matrix!

  • Eureka Seven Film Trilogy Announced:
    If it has H scenes between Nirvash and Eureka, I might watch it.

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