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Shenmue III Quick Time Event PV “Will it Work Today?”




Crowdfunded title Shenmue III has unveiled another PV of its development, this time showing off one of the game’s potential quick time events where players are tasked with inputting the correct buttons, an attribute that the original 2 games were praised for but bound to make some have doubts over whether such a mechanic will work in today’s era of games.

The unfortunately scant PV:

Shenmue III will launch for the PS4 and PC sometime in the distant future.

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  • Had the Dreamcast been a huge success, Shenmue 3 almost certainly would have been released on it. That’s one thing I hate. This series is amazing, and so much money was spent on it. They had everything reading to make further games in the series(Thus the large development budget of the games). And the Dreamcast had to die.

    I’m happy Shenmue 3 is being made, but I just hate that the Dreamcast failing meant we had such a long wait.

    • Oh and for those who don’t know. Shenmue started life on the Saturn before being ported to the Dreamcast. Yu Suzuki and co literally had the entire series mapped out for such a long time. Had the Dreamcast been success, Yu Suzuki could have made Shenmue 3, 4 etc much sooner.

      • Nah. IF they actually had that much mapped for the series, they could’ve moved it onto another platform. The game wasn’t that well received world wide, so development didn’t continue until Kickstarter project brought it back to life.

        • It wasn’t that the series wasn’t that well received. It was that the development budget for Shenmue in its entirely was so astronomical. They had literally done so much work to build this universe. Further games wouldn’t have been that expensive in hindsight.

          The Dreamcast died too soon, meaning Yu Suzuki and co couldn’t recoup costs by releasing further games.