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You mean, like, real life?
That’s what you’d prefer?

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  • Maid Dragon BD Monstrously Cute:
    milk is delicious you oppressive shitlord

  • Maid Dragon BD Monstrously Cute:
    >Lucoa >fat You fuckin heretic

  • Maid Dragon BD Monstrously Cute:
    What the fuck are you talking about? I only claimed that the anime is anti-lolicon, which it is, because they upped the fanservice of all the girls BUT the loli, who they OUTRIGHT REMOVED, CHANGED OR CUT OUT EVERYTHING THAT IS LEWD IN THE MANGA OF.

  • Maid Dragon BD Monstrously Cute:
    Morality has jack shit to do with this, false and misleading fucking information by retarded fanboys is cancerous though. As I said above, Kyoani turned this generic, slice of life comedy into yet another moe anime, and there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. The sexualization of the characters and the lolis in particular in the manga, is nowhere near what it is in this anime though. I have no problem with that whatsoever, so by all means, keep fapping.

  • Maid Dragon BD Monstrously Cute:
    But it’s still not a loli nor a straight up moe manga, so get YOUR damn facts straight before you make any more retarded claims. Kyoani cranked up the fanservice in this adaptation to the fucking stratosphere. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t claim the manga is something that it clearly isn’t.

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