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Kemono Friends Nets “Record 3 Million Views”


The first episode of Kemono Friends has managed to accrue over 3 million views in 2 months on NicoNico Douga, an astounding feat for a crude CG anime and looking likely to become the most watched first episode of any TV anime in the history of NND.

The video supposedly garnered 1 million of its views in the first month, with anime fans soon catching on to the show’s many redeeming qualities as its 2nd month accumulated another 2 million views – the far more conventionally appealing Shingeki no Kyojin and Gakkou Gurashi being the only other shows whose first episodes generated over 3 million views.

Those who have yet to watch the absurdly acclaimed series can watch it now on Niconico Douga (though western barbarians are denied this honor, sadly).

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    • Taste differs and it isn’t weird, I liked this show way before of it airing or trending, In a sense I kind of find peace while watching this, it’s simple fun inoccent show to spend after midnight at.

    • I tried to watch it because all the fuss and only took me like 5 minutes to drop it.

      Is…bad, really bad on so many levels, or who knows may be its just a kiddy show but and that’s why it looks so awful, but looking all the girls in swimsuits and skirts something tells me it isn’t.

      The CG is terrible (and I watched several shows in CG like Kingdom Bubuki Aijin or Berserk, but this one is AWFUL), the characters are obnoxious, the voice acting is annoying, sincerily I don’t understand what the japanese see here.

    • it has a hidden quality to it that’s missing in most other shows: subtle world building with apocalyptic undertones. the world expands rapidly each episode yet it feels natural. we see remnants of human buildings and things but there aren’t any others anywhere, just kaban. We also only have a fuzzy explanation of what made the ‘friends’ (all the animal girls, including kaban) and the ceruleans (enemies, nor do we know why they’re aggressive).

      there’s a lot of mystery that is slowly getting uncovered. kaban shows her strength in problem solving, which all the other ‘friends’ seem to lack due to their being animals.

      it’s super cute, well worth it to watch.

    • I watch it but I just like the cute character designs. The animation is really bad, especially in the early episodes where they use lazy shortcuts like only using still images of new Kemono girls. The story also doesn’t really get going until the 6th episode but I’m biased because Shoebill is my current Waifu of the Week™.

    • Honestly, I was about to pass on it too but saw the massive amount of fanart it was receiving. The 3D animation is absolutely horrid, but the characters are cute, interactions charming, and while there’s an undoubtedly bright atmosphere, there’s a rather dark undertone that pops out every now and then. For a show that is based off a now-defunct mobile game, it’s pretty entertaining to watch.