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Breath of the Wild Making-of Series Surfaces




Those who have been enjoying the new open-world Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can now learn more about how its development went with this 3-part series, which provides intricate details regarding its beginning, story, characters and “open-air” concept – all of which have apparently been deemed “perfect” by many, as indicated by the mob-like actions of fans in response to criticism.

The informative 3-part series:

The breath of fresh air that is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be purchased now for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

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  • You can tell a lot of thought and time was put into this game, it ended up being quite deep, although it didn’t deviate from Zelda mechanics which I guess it’s good. You can throw food in the fire and it ends up a charred item.

  • I don’t think Breath of the Wild is perfect but none of the issues I have with it are about the Open World portions of it. I think Nintendo got those parts perfect.

    My issues with it are mainly that the music feels lackluster at times and the voice acting is just so fucking bad. I’m assuming it’s due to the Nintendo writers having all been Japanese and their tendency to do theatrical acting rather than cinematic.

    Every time one of the supporting characters started on a monologue the writing feels so heavy handed. I’ve been reading over previous game scripts and the writing isn’t much different. It’s just that the voice overs make it that much more extreme. Hearing the actors just felt awful and I ended up muting most of the time.

    • There’s also stupid amount people like you crying about how bad it is everywhere.
      Do you even have switch? or is your opinion based on youtube videos you’ve seen?

      I’ll just wait and see what happens, maybe buy switch during summer.

        • Couple of reasons why the Switch is shit:

          – heavily overpriced
          – controller that comes with it are shit and you only can upgrade to the expensive controllers Nintendo sells you, that are also kind of shit, instead of whatever controller you want to, like with a PC
          – docking station damages display (what was the problem with just connecting a cable?
          – tough luck if you need to recharge while also playing if you want your Switch on the table
          – there are connection issues between the controller and the console
          – battery life is unimpressive
          – internal storage is measured in GB – a bad joke for a console
          – save states are tied to the console, it’s impossible to back up your saves

          Why I won’t play the new Zelda, not even for free
          – no option to have Japanese voices and English text

        • Except it’s not =( Not sure why you think it’s complete crap. Just saying it’s shit is just you being over emotional. Is it the price that upsets you? Or are you just jumping on the bandwagon of people saying it’s complete shit?

  • Game’s shit. You spend 5 hours solving puzzles and killing monsters chasing after the memory of one mid-tier waifu and at the end you discover she’s been dead for thousands of years. D+, avoid at all costs, fish girl is best girl.