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Woman Fends Off Rapist With Compliment


A Hong Kong woman who managed to escape the clutches of a rapist by distracting him with an unexpected compliment has recently become the center of media attention for her novel self-defense tactic (complemented of course by a rather more conventional one).

The 23-year-old woman was pursued by a 27-year-old chef (who had just downed 7 bottles of beer) after she left work, with surveillance cameras revealing him dragging the woman into an alley but becoming distracted after she randomly praised his “impressive musculature” – allowing the victim to swiftly administer genital-based justice before fleeing the scene (considering the man’s extreme inebriation however, many feel she could have escaped without the compliment).

Arrested 5 days after the incident, the chef’s lawyer attempted to pitifully argue that his client only committed this deed out of anger at failing an exam that would have led to a promotion, an excuse which seems unlikely to cut much ice with courts or anyone else.

Despite her escape, the women was left traumatized – her assailant meanwhile was left with 4 years in jail for attempted rape.

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