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China “Evicts 172,000” for Panda Park


172,000 Chinese humans are being forcibly relocated so that a park spanning 3 Chinese provinces can be built for the endangered and very lovely panda bear.

Relocation of this horde of people is slated to commence soon as the government has already accepted the construction plan for the 27,134-square-kilometer park, which also seeks to completely overhaul the country’s national park system.

Internet denizens are already wondering whether the relocated humans will be offered any aid or compensation, but considering the China’s inability to stamp out its prevalent pollution problem, not many are likely to have high hopes.

Unfortunately this may not be the last time citizens will be forced from their homes in favor of animals (or, more likely, property developers), as it has been previously declared that China is to establish over 20 national parks within 5 years, providing glorious new natural vistas from which to savor the pristine air blowing in from the cities…

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