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Final Fantasy VII = “Metal Gears of Final Fantasy”


Famitsu have revealed the interview they had with Tetsuya Nomura during his visit to “Magic 2017” in Europe last month, exposing some intriguing information about the Final Fantasy VII remake, which keen fans will no doubt find long overdue… even if it is merely the highly innovative decision to turn the title into a stealth cover shooter.

As implied with the previously released screenshots, players will now be able to duck behind cover during battle as well as to hide from patrolling troops, adding stealth elements to the game now that battles take place in real-time as opposed to random encounters.

In regards to the gun-armed Barret, Nomura revealed that – in addition to also being able to use cover – he will able to do things “characteristic to that of gunners”; with the vague statement unfortunately leaving fans to theory-craft the possibilities.

Nomura has said that players will also be able to switch between characters and will want to do so depending on the situation, such as swapping to Barret in order to hit unreachable enemies; Nomura also mentioned that the game’s first boss battle will likely be more cataclysmic in scale, as the Guard Scorpion has been given more tools in its arsenal.

The environment and objects will also unsurprisingly be destructible and allow for added depth in battles, with parts of enemies able to be destroyed (such as the aforementioned Guard Scorpion’s legs).

When Famitsu brought up the subject of the ATB gauge and what seems to be the name of a skill on one of the screenshots, Nomura stated that those mechanics would be revealed later on – however, he did mention that the “materia” command represents the materia players have equipped that can be used during battle.

The entire interview (which includes details regarding Kingdom Hearts III and more) is available online now.

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  • Yeesh, if anyone replying to this article had read practically ANY of the interviews from back when Final Fantasy XIII was released regarding the new vs the classic battle system, then you’d already know what’s going on with Final Fantasy VII -REMAKE-: Active Time Battle, where one character acts and the others remain “ready/readying”, does not work that well with realistic character/HD graphics anymore. That isn’t my statement, that’s FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama’s statement on behalf of Square-Enix regarding the present & future of Final Fantasy.

    Direct quote: “If we were to implement a turn-based system on a high-def system, the time that characters stood completely still on standby would seem too long, and the battle scenes would now seem visually realistic.” (Game Informer #204, pg. 15)

    And just be be clear, I bought Final Fantasy VII day-one. I got the T-Shirt that went along with it. I even bought some of those Extra Knights toys of Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith while I was at it because I was a college teen with a bit of disposable income. I love the original, but it has aged POORLY in the last 20 years, and simply implementing the original battle system (or a variation such as in FFX) will do nothing but make -REMAKE- feel archaic by modern standards and player expectations. Especially since, like any business, they’re trying to attract new/younger customers rather than solely cater to an aging demographic.

    I’m not sold on the new ideas they’re tossing around, but thus far it sounds better than Final Fantasy XV’s battle system. It’s leaner, it’s more chaotic, it has the potential to be more strategic, and it’s fully interactive. I’m also not sold on the ‘episodic’ release idea, but hopefully it’ll be more like .hack// and less like Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

    But at least I understand why Square-Enix can’t use the old battle system.

  • Real-Time and no random battles mean majority of support materia will become obsolete, no ALL, no Turbo, and most likely no elemental/status materia.

    I highly doubt we will see Summons.
    I don’t think Sense, Mug and Deathblow will be in the game, and I highly doubt we will see Enemy-Skill, which was pretty much 40% of exploration reason for any wielder of this awesome shit materia.

    There’s Underwater materia and Mega materia which also seem to be obsolete now.

    For Magic materia I believe we will be left with basic element magic, healing magic and maybe, just maybe status magic, although I highly doubt that.

    Another point in this game was Holy Materia, now that we get rid of materia using, I see no reason for Aerith’s part in the game.

    And since we won’t be likely to rely on materia anymore, Yuffie becomes a mascot.

    I am literally crying over what they are doing with this game.

    So much I am thinking of starting a facebook account with boycotting this title altogether in the remake.

    It’s just pointless to even consider this game as a remake of the original if they are getting rid of majority of the combat system and replace it with HitMan tactics or Deus-EX.

    Really S-E ? This is what you want right ? Finally kill the game everyone loves with teh hands that created it ?

    GG, I’ll keep my original and never buy anything from you if you blow this, and you will, I’ll just finish my FF14 adventure when the timer hits zero and I’m starting a boycott campaign soon.

    • Oh, stop being such a cry baby. How old are you, 6? You know that the new battle system doesn’t stop those materias from working the same or in a similar way. Summons can still be used, choose a summon and a cinematic comes up or the summon comes up as an extra powerful party member. Sense materia has its place, use Sense and all the enemy’s stats will appear on the top of the screen, like in FFXV. All materia is an easy one, just make the magic multi-target. Enemy Skill, I don’t see why it would not work with the new battle system, the same with Deathblow, I mean, one hit kill isn’t a new thing in video games, specially in action RPG’s, neither is stealing items. If they don’t remove Emerald Weapon or make it a land boss, an underwater battle could be done with a timer and all of that, giving a role to Underwater materia. You just would be able to swim around and hit Emerald Weapon in real time.

  • They are STILL going on about the very first tutorial area! They haven’t even started working on anything but that, have they? Wow, great I can shoot off the scorpions legs. What progress, what genius. Hit the giant enemy crab’s weakpoint for massive damage! It seems they haven’t even decided on how the game is supposed to be played. Their development cycle is all over the place. Sasuga Squeenix.

  • Tetsuya Nomura was also the guy responsible for why the mass delays of FFXV existed. He kept wanting to change and add new things. He had to be replaced to get the project moving forward again so I’m baffled as to why Square thought putting him in charge of this was a good ideas. It’s been proven by XV and KH that Nomura has little talent as a director and keeps delaying everything.

    • People on this site, you mean. If you read comments anywhere else, most people agree that an updated FF VII is unnecesary, as it would add nothing to the original game except graphics and voice, none of which are needed.

      Just play the original again: it would be no different from playing an “updated” version, unless you highly care about graphics and voice acting, none of which hindered the original game’s quality.

      • You might have a point. Unfortunately, Squeenix is probably going to alienate the nostalgia fans who played the game within the first 5 years it came out. It’s a shrinking demographic but I still don’t think it is a good idea to brush them/us aside.

    • This wasn’t really an extra, it’s to give the player the choice to control all the party and not just Cloud. And with this feature come more good news: panty shots of Tifa whenever you want.

  • No. Just No. You can’t turn Final Fantasy VII into a shooter. It’s been done already with Dirge of Cerberus and it didn’t do so well. Don’t turn Final Fantasy VII into a shooter. Bring back classic RPG mechanics. That’s why I’m sticking to my PS One Version.

    • Next update, they’ll probably tell us they want Final Fantasy 7 to be more appealing to Western audiences, so they put in Call of Duty elements.

      “Cloud’s sword is too big compared to the ones in Western games, so we went for a more realistic style and shrank it to acceptable kitchen-size standards. We were also worried about violence ratings, so we changed the sword into a wooden stick, just like all the swords in the Western port of Dragon Ball Heroes.”

    • To be honest, it has elements from Xenosaga and the last FF title, both of which are NOT shooters. You find these gameplay elements in shooter, but not ONYL in shooters.

      It would be hard to make the game a shooter even if they tried, what with every playable character being too different. Worst case scenario, it will have some in-game events that resemble shooter scenarios, like Mirror’s Edge did, while still being something else.

      • I’m not beating any straw man, people actualy said that back in the 90’s when FF7′ gameplay was compared to games like Ocarina of Time, FF7 fans would always say “what matters in FF7 is the story” or something similar. Plus, I finished FF7 2 weeks ago and let me tell you: after playing it 5 times, the battle system has become boring and after you get some Restore and Life materia and Aerith in your party, this game becomes the easiest game in the world. If you really want a Remake, the battle system needs to be reworked or else, it will be like Ocarina of Time 3D, you play it twice and you never touch it again because it’s the exact same game you already played over and over again.

    • From what I have seen in most sites talking about this game, this only happens on THIS site specifically. Not even 4chan’s /v/ board whines so much about it, and they are known for whining about everything, so go figure.

      I say do not pay much attention to it.