Mateus Enlists In Dissidia Final Fantasy “Who?”




Square Enix have depressingly passed up a myriad of memorable Final Fantasy characters to instead select Mateus as the newest upcoming fighter arriving to Dissidia Final Fantasy, an emperor from Final Fantasy II that likely not even the most hardcore Final Fantasy fan will recollect (although his fujoshi-friendly demeanor looks likely to win over new subjects).

The official trailer for Mateus, revealed during a NicoNico livestream:

Mateus will make his imperial debut in a late-March update.

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  • Anonymous says:

    …this is a troll article, right..? He was not “added”: he has been in the game since the first Dissidia, and he is part of the main cast from the first 20 characters, being FF II’s main villain, not just “am emperor”. Hardly an obscure character for anyone that played the game OR any Dissidia. He even had an important story role in the past Dissidia title.

    I refuse to believe anyone can THIS overwhelmingly misinformed and/or have such a huge hate boner for FF to believe any of this. So, I call trolling at play. It has to be. This is Wall Street Journal levels of stupid.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol what? He is the main villain in ff2 and was in the former two Dissidias, what are you even on about
    Granted many might not recall his full name since most just refer to him as the Emperor but thats it.

  • Anonymous says:

    “an emperor from Final Fantasy II that likely not even the most hardcore Final Fantasy fan will recollect”

    So… “I am a hardcore Pok√©mon fan, but who the hell is Wallace?”

    Yeah, no.

  • Anonymous says:

    idiotic article. he’s been a playable character ever since the first dissidia. anyone who had played the game will undoubtedly know him.

    He’s better known by his title or surname than his given name though.

  • Anonymous says:

    Didn’t play ff2, but the Emperor was one of my favorite characters on Dissidia, he also is one of the most relevant villain in the story mode. The really shocking news was that Kuja was released before of villains like Kefka or Jecht.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of all the things to remember about FF2, how can even the most hardcore FF fans (if they truly were to begin with) NOT remember Mateus? The whole friggin’ game revolves around him. Hell, Amano has a portrait of him on the remade title screen just so you know the game’s about the Emperor and the many, many lives he fucked up, including 4 playable characters that eventually fight his “other half”, which supposedly conquered heaven.

      The dude was responsible for wiping out the very town the main protagonists grew up in. He was responsible for a tornado that wiped out the lives of every villager in several towns, save for Fynn and Mysidia. And when he died and went to hell, he was like “Fuck it, I’m conquering hell, then I’ll conquer Earth!”. Not many villains in the series are known for such feats.

      FF2 may not be the most memorable of FF titles in its initial release because its leveling system didn’t mesh well with the lack of auto-targeting at the time (which the remakes did fix), but damn if it wasn’t one of the darkest storylines and Mateus wasn’t an awesome villain in his own right. I’d dare to say he’s one of the best in the series.

  • Anonymous says:

    I no longer care about final fantasy, my favorite was FF6 at the age of 9 and still is today at 30years old. Ff9 is good, ff7 was fun but they fell apart after 10 and 12 was pushing it except franne made up for most of the crap I had to deal with, since then I’ve said fuck it and never looked back in this series except for the thrill of hunting down the old games in the original formats (cartridge and cd)