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Compile Heart Teaser “Boobs or Butts?”


Compile Heart have seemingly taken a page out of D3’s book as a mysterious new website by the naughty developer has appeared, this time asking visitors a question that perhaps transcends time: “breasts or butts?”, and bound to have indecisive voters struggling over their utmost important choice.

Observers have been quick to notice that Genkai Tokki’s mascot (who is stating that the winning side will obtain some pantsu) is present on the page, causing many to surmise that a new entry in the series is perhaps imminent – though considering that butts have managed to take the lead at the current time, the new game may very well focus more on the girl’s bottoms as opposed to their breasts.



The new game will be announced at Dengeki Game Festival 2017 on March 12th.

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