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China Boy Crucified For Not Doing Homework


A young boy “crucified” and put on display on the street by his parents for the heinous crime of not doing his homework has been garnering the usual abundance of disgust and hatred from the online masses.

A photo of the deplorable act depicting the boy kneeling on a crate whilst tied up managed to quickly spread across Chinese social media, prompting a reporter to visit the scene of the crime and interrogate the boy’s parents – who unsurprisingly claimed the incident to be nothing more than a “joke” that got blown out of proportion.

Supposedly the boy was only tied up for a few minutes and for no particular purpose, though a neighbor had informed the reporter that the parents punished their child with this crucifixion for not doing his homework, which many will obviously consider an excessive punishment for any individual.

This neighborly tattling however led to a verbal standoff between the neighbor and the parents, with the father claiming the neighbor to have been violating his family’s privacy and even threatening to sue, possibly indicating his guilty conscience – the boy’s interests in all of this evidently not being too much of a concern.

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