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Berserk & The Band of The Hawk Absurdly Censored



Berserk fans (of both hemispheres for once) have been going berserk over the censorship imposed on the recently released “Berserk & The Band of The Hawk“, with it removing the infamously traumatizing rape scene (as many would expect) but also toning down the gore and violence so that the title could get a decent rating in Japan.

Western barbarians can rest assured knowing that their beloved violence and gore has gone untouched in the western release, but the horrors of a more sexually explicit nature (such as Casca’s body and the tentacles holding her up on the game’s cover) have apparently been removed to appease the safe space crowd – some of the changes can be seen below:

The altered rape scene:

The entire gruesome scene from the Berserk film, which possesses a myriad of differences from the game:

Some may be happy to know that the notable “rape horse” scene was still left in the game:

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk and all its censored content can be begrudgingly experienced now in Japan for the PC and PS4, as well as in the west.

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