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Heart Attack Victim: “Buried by 6 Tons of Ero-Manga”


The deceased body of a Kanagawa man who succumbed to a heart attack was discovered an entire month after his death due to his collection of ero-manga that fell on top of him creating a “protective barrier” of sorts.

The 50-year-old man, who was an employee for a major automaker, had a rabid fascination for all things erotic and built a massive collection of ero-manga that apparently weighed in at 6 tons, though thankfully the aficionado’s death wasn’t caused by the phenomenal weight of these benign treasures.

Instead the deceased suffered a heart attack whilst at home and was buried by the naughty magazines afterward, which then acted as a containment for the man’s post-mortem ichor; preventing his neighbors from smelling the fumes of decay and becoming aware of his untimely demise (and relieving workers of the trouble of cleaning the floor).

It is surmised that by the time he was discovered, the magazines would have continued to absorb the unfortunate man’s flesh, leaving only a skeleton behind – and certainly giving a whole new meaning to him being “consumed” by pornography…

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