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Young Boy Survives 400 Stings “Call Me Vegeta”


An 11-year old boy from Arizona has managed to survive being stung 400 times after supposedly pretending to be Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, naturally making fans of the series recollect the numerous times Vegeta was able to hold out for the almighty Goku whilst enduring an excessive beat-down.

The unfortunate victim and his friend were shooting at an abandoned car with a BB gun, causing the Africanized honey bees that were nested within to violently attack in a swarm – the stung boy’s grandmother described the incident:

“Andrew was trying to run up the hill to get away from them and they just kept attacking him and he kind of rolled back down and went into a fetal position trying to protect himself”

News coverage of the attack, where the boy proudly declared himself to be a 2nd-rate Seiyan:




The boy was eventually rescued by first responders after his grandmother contacted the police; thankfully his wounds were not too severe and he is expected to return to school soon – granted some may find the boy’s tactic of lying down in fear to be better comparable to Kuririn or Yamcha…

Western anime incidents do occur on occasion, such as the case with a boy drowning his friend in a sandbox to imitate Gaara from Naruto:

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