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Pokemon Go Claims Another “He Had A Heart Attack”


Mobile title Pokemon Go has managed to take the blame for taking the life of another human being for a reason other than carelessness (for once), as the old man playing immediately suffered a heart attack upon catching a rare pocket monster.

The 67-year-old Singaporean man went outside after celebrating a family member’s birthday to play the highly popular Pokemon Go, happening upon not only a rare Lapras but a rare Granbull as well, which police are suspecting to have been the cause of his sudden heart attack.

The victim had apparently been struggling with cardiac illness for a long time, serving as the immediate concern of the man’s wife upon receiving a call from the hospital – unfortunately learning the heart attack claimed his life.


According to his wife the elderly man was quite the avid Pokemon collector, revealing that he had a player level of 28 and almost 200 virtual critters in his possession – thus some may find solace in knowing that he died doing what he loved.

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