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Mayu Tomita’s Stabber “Then Kill Me!”


A courtroom session held for the criminal who savagely stabbed revered J-pop idol Mayu Tomita has lead to an unsurprisingly hostile outcry from the heinous stabber, who demanded that Mayu Tomita kill him – a request that the idol’s fans would by now no doubt happily oblige themselves.

Prosecutors present at the courtroom session demanded the perpetrator face 18 years in prison as atonement for his selfish outlash, with Mayu Tomita herself also attending the session (separated from the criminal and all others in the court by a partition) to help denounce the man’s wrongdoings:

“Everything has changed since the day of the incident… I have been deprived of everything in a flash, including my time and things I had earned so preciously. I want him to return the life that I was supposed to live. I want him to return my body without scars.

I am sure (the defendant) is laughing inwardly as I speak now, and I don’t believe he has reflected upon his act at all… He should not be set free, he is the kind of person who develops feelings for someone without asking if they feel the same way and tries to kill the person if things do not go according to his will. He may come and try to kill me this time.”

A truly emotional statement that many have naturally agreed with, save for the stabber who belligerently exclaimed “then you should kill me” afterwards – prompting him to be removed from the courtroom.

Mayu Tomita informed the court of her plight since the incident, claiming that the sight of scissors engulfs her with fear, which she suffers from even after being discharged, whilst partial paralysis of her mouth has also hampered her ability to eat and sing and now even her eyesight has apparently been affected as well.

The crazed stabber pleaded guilty to his crimes in a later trial but final sentencing is yet to occur.

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