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Final Fantasy VII Remake: “The Voice Acting is Almost Done!”


The latest issue of Dengeki has interviewed the producer of the Final Fantasy VII remake, Yoshinori Kitase; who has revealed that the voice acting for the highly anticipated RPG is nearly complete – shocking few considering how little effort voice-acting requires in comparison to all other branches of development.

While news of the voice-acting may cause many to suspect that development on the title has made significant progress, previous news has indicated otherwise – and some have also realized that the voice-acting may only apply to the game’s first volume, as it has been stated that the RPG will be a multi-part series (i.e. cost three or four times the original).

Yoshinori Kitase has additionally reassured fans that Cloud will act differently from his role in the highly criticized Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie, implying that he will possibly feel “younger” and less experienced; which would make sense since the movie takes place after the events of the game…

The Final Fantasy VII remake is planned for a PS4 launch sometime in the future; there has been no mention of release on any other platforms.

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