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Zelda: Breath of The Wild Day 1 DLC – “Not Nintendo Too!”


Nintendo has quickly earned the ire of the gaming community with an announcement revealing that day one DLC will be available for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a concept that has been plaguing games over the last few years that allows developers to make a quick buck.

Players will be able to purchase an “expansion pass” on March 3rd (the same day the game comes out) for $20, granting them immediate access to three bonus treasure chests containing exclusive equipment and two content packs.

The first content pack (which will arrive in the summer) will give players a “Cave of Trials” challenge while also unlocking both hard mode and a new map-based feature; the 2nd pack (slated for winter) will offer a new original story and dungeon and a myriad of “additional challenges”.

The announcement video, which has come under a great deal of negative criticism (as indicated by the dislike bar):

Loyal Nintendo fans can rabidly spend all their money once The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch on March 3rd.

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  • Fuck companies who rip content out of the main game then resell it to you as DLC. Look at this “bonus” content we made for you! BUY IT AND IGNORE THE FACT THAT WE HAD TO HAVE MADE IT AT THE SAME BLOODY TIME AS THE REST OF THE GAME!

  • I wonder when Nintendo will release another Gamecube type console? You know a machine somewhere between the PlayStation and Xbox again?

    The Gamecube launched at £129 in the UK. It had more third party support than the Wii U and no doubt Switch will have. It had no gimmicky shit, it just played games.

  • You’re all a bunch of whiners. If you don’t like it, THEN DON’T FUCKING BUY IT!!!!! This isn’t some shit that’s stripped from the game, this is stuff Nintendo is starting to develop NOW. So shut your fucking traps, enjoy the game and don’t buy the DLC. Or tell Nintendo to delay the game another year so they can include this stuff when the game releases. Fuck all you whiners.

    • Eat Nintendo’s dick you fggt! These type of dlc practices are fucking cancer and nintendo needs to be called out for it before it gets even worse. Corporate shills like you are apart of the reason why this shit happens and is so rampant, stop defending companies for this shady shit. Especially the control freaks at Nintendo. I won’t be buying this shit console anyway for a mediocre as zelda game, especially the last really good main zelda was MM.

  • There is a difference between Day 1 DLC that is just shit stripped straight from the main game, and boring-ass Cave of Trials garbage most people don’t give a fuck about.
    If I get a complete product on day one, I am fine with them selling trivial shit like that. I’m not gonna buy any of these packs, because t hey don’t add anything substantial to the overall experience. They’re always tacked-on garbage that feels out of place.

      • HIGHER price point?

        PS4: 399$/€
        XB1: 499$/€
        Switch: 299$/330€

        Can’t see how that is higher.

        If you refer to how much it costs NOW, then of course systems which are now 3 years old don’t cost as much as a system which is being released now.

        • Anon 22:31
          if anyone where to kill himself for stupidity you could start with yourself maybe…

          you WILL need storage on the Switch since you will need space for updates and they will come at day 1, the cards cant take anything more than whats on em.
          DLC’s? needs extra storage that too.
          the 32GB you start with is nothing and adding something decent would set you back at least 100$

          want to play it on an TV and not use the awful controller that follows with it its an another 100$ (the original are even worse if you split it for multiplayer, an NES dog-bone controller is more comfortable)

          here the Switch with nothing extra will be over 200$ more expensive than the Xbone S pack with 2 controllers and a game (Minecraft,Halo or Forza)

        • Lol, really?
          PS4 (non-pro) costs 250€, XBox One Slim the same, both have higher storage capability and are much more powerful machines, with a huge library of games. But no, let’s buy a 300€ glorified tablet which will launch with a couple of decent games…

        • You forgot that you have to buy a real controller for the Switch before you can play any games and a game, bringing you near the $500 mark. You’d also have to buy some kind of storage, at which point you are well beyond $500 just for a system with a game.

        • 23:27

          You’re just as fucktarded as the other guy was LOL. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about do you? Willfully, probably. Pathetic shitstains like you WANT to remain ignorant so you can pretend to feel justified about the retarded shit you’re saying.

          You need to educate yourself about the actual size of system updates. As well as the amount of DLC that’s going to come out for anything that will be available for the next year or so, then from that take only what you actually want to play instead of stupidly assuming you’re going to be installing 100% of it. It’s simple elementary school math, idiot.

          And the retarded shit you’re saying about a controller that’s not even out yet? That’s not even worth talking about, holy fuck. How desperate to find something wrong do you have to be? Can you get any more pathetic?

          Fucking hilarious.

        • Chen-04, LOL get the fuck out of here you utter fucking retard. “you have to buy a real controller for the Switch before you can play any games” HAHAHAHAHA OH WOW that is the most desperate fucking reaching I’ve EVER fucking seen from a nintendo hater hahahahaha oh my god what a fucking retard.

          Do us all a favor and kill yourself, please.

          (Oh and you don’t need to give a shit about storage if you buy physical, because switch games don’t need installation.)

  • Esfruj Esfifurz says:

    If you guys knew what mainstream gaming (AKA FTP shit for cellphones) is like in Japan, you’d realize that the surprise here is that they’re not gonna charge you 1 dollar every time you are killed.

    Crap like this is why I’m delaying getting a current-gen console, if I ever get one.

  • I wonder why People keep complaining that much. It’s not much different than paying extra to get a Limited Edition with extra Merchandise and DLC stuff. Although i have to complain a bit about this special case here myself. Nintendo is pretty daring to make you pay for DLC wich “might” be released like half a Year in the Future.

    • The thing is, limited editions in the past used to include cool physical bonuses and soundtracks and whatnot, maybe an exclusive cosmetic item, not DLCs and other content deliberately cut out of the game to sell separately and charge more money for it.

      Day 1 DLC is especially slimy because it literally screams ‘we cut this out of the game, now pay up to get it back.’ Why couldn’t it be included with the game if it’s day 1? Or be a free update?

      Answer: money. And people will inevitably pay for it and therefore send a clear message to Nintendo that this is okay (because god forbid someone misses out on that 20 minute story mission and challenges where you have to kill a wave of enemies in 60 seconds or whatever).

      • Well the truth behind day 1 DLC varies per game/company, some its a money grab, but for others it’s actually the fact that the game takes months from the time it’s done to the time it’s produced and shipped everywhere, they use this time to make additional content (hence also day 1 patches). Also games cost a lot to make but people are largely unwilling to pay more than $60 no matter how much content you actually get.

        • if its was just 60$ for a game…

          80ish and more here -_-” (CE’s are 100->300$ depending on game but most PS4 CE’s are 150$ and includes usually some ingame costumes, steelcase and some artwork cards)

  • They did the same for Hyrule Warriors even down to the initial purchase getting you an alternate outfit. They also have amiibo locked content day 1, and honestly that’s normally more exciting than a shirt with the Switch logo on it…

  • You’re all fucking retarded. This isn’t day one DLC. It’s a preorder for shit that’s coming out months from now, with a few bonus items unlocked now as a small bonus. Cry some more, you fucking morons.

  • I typically dislike DLC and day 1 DLC at that, but this doesn’t really look that bad. It depends on the content though.

    It looks more like a preorder for content they’ll continue working to expand in to the game. This is fine. I gladly shelled out DLC preorder for mario kart 8, where we got new characters and tracks. It was a fair exchange.

    They promised “hard mode” and I’m hoping this is different from hero mode in the previous games where all they did was adjust the numbers. If hard mode had more enemies or smarter enemy AI, I’d really enjoy it.

    The traditional 60 dollar price tag after inflation should actually be around 80~90 dollars today. Video game developers need to throw out season passes to make up for that difference since they’ll get gutted by public if they charge 80 bucks for the vanilla launch. If you don’t like it, just wait a year or two.

  • In the case of the second DLC, it’s going to be a new story which is going to be released later, just like an expansion would but in a smaller scale I guess. Overall, I am sure whoever doesn’t buy the DLC it’s still going to end up with a great game on their hands worh the money they paid for it.