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Yakuza Stab Nurse for Botched Penis Enlargement


A former yakuza has been charged with the stabbing of a nurse in revenge for a botched penis enlargement she conducted on his boss.

The 41-year old culprit stabbed the nurse in the head and chest on her commute home after being instructed to do so by his superior, ultimately causing both boss and subordinate to be arrested by police .

The motive for the stabbing has been surmised to stem from a dispute that the boss had with the nurse regarding some postoperative difficulties he was having with his new equipment, with the verbal beat-down apparently being of such an “offensive caliber” that it called for the woman’s untimely demise.

The boss was also accused of several other crimes both before and after the incident, including the shooting of a former detective and the stabbing of a dentist – with the latter quite possibly having the same motive as this case.

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