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D3 Teases New Title “Don’t Touch These Breasts!”


D3 Publisher (responsible for such games as Omega Labyrinth and Bullet Girls) has given their loyal fanbase a tease of their next upcoming title with a new website, which proudly puts a pair of buxom breasts on display whilst requesting that visitors not touch them – a seemingly impossible task for any healthy male…

The sexy website in question also features a countdown underneath its voluptuous bosom, supposedly informing visitors as to when the announcement will arrive – however, molesting the chest present on the page will add 1 second per click to this timer, meaning that the news may likely never come.

Some fans have already discovered this event’s connection to “Omega Labyrinth“, which had a website that instead lowered the time until the announcement with every bosom-based click, suggesting to some that this new title may perhaps be a sequel to Omega Labyrinth.

Despite the inevitable fact that no visitor to the page will resist not clicking the breasts (the page itself has been inaccessible on occasion), the clamor alone caused by the web page has probably raked in more attention for D3 than the actual release of some of its titles, and will likely return sometime in the future for other games down the line…

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