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Final Fantasy VII Remake: “Not The FF7 You Know & Love”

MonacoAnimeGameInternationalConference 2017-FF7-Remake-2

While new video footage of the impending Final Fantasy VII remake has so far been non-existent, the 2017 Monaco Anime Game International Conference has managed to at least snag a couple screenshots for fans to endlessly speculate over, despite the fact that the beloved RPG is still apparently quite a ways off.

The screenshots unsurprisingly feature more of the game’s beginning area and its first boss battle:

MonacoAnimeGameInternationalConference 2017-FF7-Remake-1

MonacoAnimeGameInternationalConference 2017-FF7-Remake-2

A screenshot of Kingdom Hearts III was also unveiled:

MonacoAnimeGameInternationalConference 2017-KingdomHeartsIII-1

The Final Fantasy VII remake’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, stated in an interview that he has currently been focusing a lot on the game’s new combat system and wanted to release a trailer, but was unfortunately denied – additionally divulging other small tidbits of information, such as allies being immune to grenades (ally grenades, presumably).

The Final Fantasy VII remake is slated to arrive on the PS4 at some undisclosed time in the future.

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