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Queen’s Blade Unlimited Announced


A new anime has been announced for the legendarily sexy Queen’s Blade series entitled “Queen’s Blade Unlimited”, certain to answer the prayers of the many who believed the franchise had been neglected and forgotten.

Queen’s Blade Unlimited, which will be a new mixed-media project, has not only an anime in the works but a brand new figure line to accompany it, with the creators apparently possessing a great deal of confidence in their franchise – or are just certain that Queen’s Blade’s sex appeal will secure a wealth of sales…

The news came by way of the official Queen’s Blade website, which also mentioned that the franchise’s beloved women will be getting a redesign, a decision that will no doubt enrage those who had loved their original looks – though most are likely happy that the sexy warrior maiden anime is returning at all.

There has been no confirmed air date for the Queen’s Blade Unlimited anime at this point in time.

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