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China Quality Glass Walkways Banned


The rapidly growing “industry” of sky-high glass walkways has been forcibly suspended in Beijing due to confusion over who is supposed to be responsible for safety, apparently an excuse for the city to try and duck the blame for any future accidents of China quality construction.

The spectacular view offered by such phenomenal structures has easily made them a prime tourist attraction and an easy means of generating profits; despite this, the director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development revealed he is unsure as to who should be taking control in terms of safety – and suspending their construction in the process.

Critics are naturally appalled by this glaring oversight, causing some tourists to wonder if the glass walkways they had been traversing across were all potentially dangerous – which may very well be the case if prior incidents are anything to go by; and considering China’s poor construction habits, this has not come as a shock to many.

Those wondering why safety was not the foremost priority of the entire project due to the obvious danger involved may be glad that safety has now become a major concern – especially with previous “stress tests” on some walkways consisting simply of smashing the bridge with a sledgehammer and driving an SUV over it…

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