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The rules stated that original characters could be submitted for the contest. Nothing wrong with that. I still voted for Atago . . .

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  • Hanayome Super Sonico Wedding Figure:

  • Winter Wonder Festival 2017 H-Figures Truly Lust-Inducing:
    I think I’d buy 73 (Oda Non figure) and 92 (Tamaki Ako figure) if and when they come out.

  • Top 20 Anime Sweethearts You’d Give Chocolates:
    They decided to go for the fish tacos and not the chocolates . . . .

  • Green Eyes Ane Kyun Yori Cute & Innocent:
    It’s a shame that the animated versions of Yuzuki N’ Dash’s manga have been rather poor with the exception of Ane Koi. Not to mention the Ane Koi animated story isn’t the main story from the Ane Koi volume.

  • Pretty x Cation 2 Highly Promiscuous:
    While it’s true that most Japanese censors don’t consider the anus a sexual organ, It’s not the taboo it once was. In a clinical study done in 2010, 51% of men and 43% of women said they had participated in heterosexual anal sex. In that same study, it was reported in higher percentages the younger the respondents were. Even in Western porn, it’s only been the past 30 years or so that it’s wildly portrayed. I think it’s something that the attitude of most people is changing on.


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