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Big Boss Chris

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  • KonoSuba 2 Ever Humiliating:
    Oh again. I know you like to be the guy / girl from the infos! I know before the life reset, aqua comments on fake breasts and the rest of the conversation is cut … and the luck of kazuma .. Now spoilers all in comments … ?? At least comment on the form of tips in anonymous mode SC should have some means of hiding spoilers..

  • KonoSuba 2 Ever Humiliating:
    The aqua scene was the worst so far for this season. Lasted to long, the “paused” is now overused, the animation looked terrible, and didn’t feel funny in the slightest.

  • KonoSuba 2 Ever Humiliating:
    WHAT THE FUCK SEASON 3!!!!!!!!

  • KonoSuba 2 Ever Humiliating:
    that moment when a half-second scene made me laugh for a solid 5 minutes.

  • KonoSuba 2 Ever Humiliating:
    Aqua’s reaction to his dong is absolutely priceless. A high point in an anime with many high points. As usual the guys here in the real world can’t understand why he isn’t doing all three of them in rotation.

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  • Top 10 Dapper Dudes of Anime:
    yoshikage should be 4 or 5 AT LEAST

  • Official Magikarp Song “Now You Can Dance to It!”:
    Magikarp and goldeen each only have one EV, Unown has 2

  • Masou Gakuen HxH BD Sexily Scrubs:
    The story is pretty bad but it has lots of PLOT so if you’re fine with just that then go ahead.

  • Taimanin Asagi 3 “Now With Futanari!”:
    @10:44 – you dont know anything about Bible Black, do you? Dont go around calling people imbeciles when you dont even know what you’re talkng about. Bible Black is full of violent rape and it’s interesting that it’s popular because that says something about how sick so many people can be. Hell, even Game of Thrones is full of rape for entertainment and that shit gets awards. People are sick.

  • MangaGamer Dates Kuroinu:
    What are you talking about? This websites servers are not based in Japan. Dont tell me you think the host even lives on the Sankaku islands, lol. The source images were already censored on whatever site they took them from, that’s all. This site doesnt do much work beyond taking stories from other places and regurgitating them for us.


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