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Fumika Shimizu Retires: “She Joined A Cult Instead!”


Up-and-coming actress Fumika Shimizu has announced her retirement to join the “Happy Science” religious group, commonly labeled a cult – with incredulity at her decision to end her brief career perhaps only matched by the unlikely spectacle of a religious group failing to get its hooks into a potential celebrity ambassador.

The 22-year-old actress (perhaps best known for her role as Yuki Jojima in various Kamen Rider shows and films) was “introduced” to the religion by her parents and apparently practiced it in secret ever since she was born; currently she is working with lawyers in an attempt to end her contract with LesPros Entertainment early, as she apparently cannot handle working a stable job whilst also being religious.

Canceling all future appearances she was going to make on Fuji TV show Nijiiro Jean, Fumika Shimizu stated that she could not continue working due to “poor health” on February 4th, leading to her agency being unable to contact her until recently when she announced her religious devotion.

Founded in 1986, startup religion Happy Science provides various teachings to help followers find happiness, with the group’s founder claiming to be able to channel the spirits of Muhammad, Christ, Buddha, Confucius and any others it can dig up – none of which has endeared it to the big religion mainstream.

Fumika Shimizu was also going to star as the main roles in the Tokyo Ghoul and Ankoku Joshi films later this year, but the fate of both films is unknown at this current point in time due to her new circumstances.

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