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IdolMaster: Side M Anime Due – “Aimasu Falls to Rot!”


Another anime for the beloved idol-rearing franchise of IdolMaster has been announced, unfortunately infuriating some as the anime will focus on the male idols of the dreaded smartphone game IdolMaster: Side M, a travesty that some have been comparing to IdolMaster 2’s male rival fiasco.

The announcement PV, which was showcased at a recent IdolMaster: Side M concert:

The “IdolMaster: Side M Live On St@ge” app was also revealed during the concert:

A video going in-depth about IdolMaster: Side M’s new “SideMini” mini-game was also unleashed, which additionally mentioned that the game has now accumulated over 1 million downloads (a rather negligible feat considering the game came out in 2014):

A livestream event is planned for March 15th, where more information about the anime will be divulged.

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