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Kuzu no Honkai Reported For “Extreme Kissing”




Japan’s Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) has recently acquired complaints about one unnamed late-night anime due to its “extreme” kissing scenes, with the show’s abundance of schoolgirl sex apparently flying under the radar…

One of the complaints read as follows (another far more reasonable one dealt with the presence of ads for idol-rearing games with strong gambling elements on TV):

“There was an extreme kiss scene with high school students in a television anime. It may have been a late-night slot, but it is not the sort of content to broadcast on terrestrial television viewable by anyone.”

Just how so many movies, drama and variety shows broadcast at all hours got away with all their kiss scenes in light of this seems quite inexplicable.

The BPO have historically received a variety of complaints condemning TV anime for their inexcusable content, with such scenes as Detective Conan where sushi was being eaten off a woman’s body, the masturbation scene from Osomatsu-san and the “controversial” ending to PriPara being only a few.

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