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Gravity Rush 2’s PSO 2 DLC Comes Westward: “An Insult”


Rabid western fans have taken great offense to Gravity Rush 2‘s latest DLC release, as the Phantasy Star Online 2 collaborative items have somehow made their way to the west before the highly desired MMORPG itself – which those who have been eagerly awaiting the game for years have regarded as a massive insult.

Initially announced for a western release in 2012, Phantasy Star Online 2 has yet to make its arrival, with Sega seemingly ignoring any and all concerns and pleas for the title – almost as if to forget the news was ever divulged in the first place, angering its oblivious western fans.

Those mournful of the game’s unofficial death however can at least take pleasure in knowing that the Gravity Rush 2 DLC is free; it possesses the “Crazy Kitten” costume, a wealth of photo items and includes the MMORPG’s staple Rappy creature.

Topsy-turvy action game Gravity Rush 2 is available now for the PS4; the DLC is also currently available on the PlayStation Store as well.

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  • The real insult is PSO2 getting shittier and shittier. It’s still doing well, probably because there aren’t any other viable alternatives, but around the start of episode 4, SEGA decided to increasingly focus on boring shit that wastes time but can be circumvented by spending lots of real money.

    The result is a huge, huge gap in player strengths. Regardless of skill, people who spend about 20-30 million ingame money doing up their equipment are 2-3x weaker than people who spend 100s of millions, while people who don’t spend much are virtually useless.

    The majority of people either can’t afford or don’t want to spend tons of money or time on a game that’s becoming less and less fun. Especially when the game has been marketed to casuals and non-gamers. The strength gap is creating lots of hate, frustration, conflict and hostility between players.

    Instead of closing the gap, SEGA keeps finding ways to make it even worse and piss everyone off. There’s little content or progression outside of getting new outfits and getting stronger. Most of the new content is still “new weapons” that require regrinding 2-3+ year old content. New costumes increasingly look like piles of rainbow puke, and old costumes still have horrible color combinations.

    Making people redo the same old boring shit for months on end also encourages people to leech, and there are a LOT of leechers. SEGA said they’re going to rely on players to not leech, ie. they don’t give a shit.

    I’d say if you want to try PSO2, just go play the JP version until you get sick of it, then move on with your life.

    • Using real world money for all the cool shit won’t make you a good player at any game. You’ll still be a noob, but a noob with good gear. A pro player at any game really would destroy a cash shop user.

    • I should elaborate that you can always spend a huge amount of your life earning the money in-game instead of easily earning it via paying real money.

      But with the way SEGA pressures people to “PLAY RIGHT NOW!! PLAY RIGHT NOW!!”, the longer it takes you to catch up, the longer you’ll be stuck with shitty weak groups, like an endless spiral in hell.

      The character customization is the game’s biggest draw, too. If you’re not paying real money, you can’t afford to buy nice aesthetic stuff if you want to get strong, and vice versa. Unless, of course, you limit yourself to around one class and character, but that also makes things a hell of a lot more boring.

    • Most westerners who are into PSO played PSO 2 from the start.

      Anyway, its a shame PSO has become so different to the PSO of the Dreamcast area. Don’t you miss how simple the shit was in that game?

  • Tch, think about this for a second. Had they released this game years ago, when it was a good time, it probably would have done well. Releasing it now probably wouldn’t be as good. So an obvious insult it’s what little is left for it in the west. And no, I don’t really think it needs to be said… : Phanthasy Star Online is doing well overseas.

    • Hard to say if it’d actually do well, considering that other regions of PSO2 have reportedly closed down due to lack of popularity.

      PSO2 Japan relies pretty heavily on community, collaborations, etc. Those might not translate well to the West, if at all.