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Nintendo: “We Have Mastered Unreal Engine 4”


The legendary Shigeru Miyamoto has divulged in a recent call with investors that Nintendo’s software developers have “mastered” the Unreal Engine, a highly advanced western technology that the Nintendo Switch is capable of supporting – and hopefully ensuring that even the most demanding of titles can be released on the Switch.

In response to an anonymous investor who pointed out the Wii U’s under-performance when it comes to supporting third-party software, Miyamoto revealed that the Switch is phenomenally better in this regard and that Nintendo’s software developers have been brushing up on their skills, supposedly mastering such “state-of-the-art technology” as the Unreal Engine and possibly other undisclosed tools.

According to Miyamoto, the development time required to port a PC game to the Nintendo Switch could take roughly less than a year, certainly serving as an improvement considering the Wii U’s compatibility with games that utilized the Unreal Engine took a rather extended amount of time due to the workarounds involved.

Naturally, fans are quite excited to see what Nintendo have in store with their newfound power; with this drastic advancement possibly even causing the more harsh critics to no longer label Nintendo as an expert in producing “children’s consoles”.

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