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Nintendo Switch Japanese CMs Emerge




Nintendo has unveiled a wide range of TV CMs to help spread word and build hype for the seemingly gimmicky console that is the Nintendo Switch, with each one focusing on the console’s unique aspects and bound to leave even the most hardened critics unimpressed.

The TV CMs promoting the Nintendo Switch in Japan:

A video featuring the brief opinions of those who got to try the device at the Nintendo Switch Experience in January:

The Japanese version of the previously released hardware introduction video:

Hardcore Nintendo fans can switch over to the Nintendo Switch come March 3rd.

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      • Nintendo should have delayed the Switch by at least 12 months to have a full compliment of launch titles.

        Because at the end of the day, most Wii U owners can just buy Zelda on the Wii U at launch and save themselves a few hundred $/£.

        • Hilarious. Truly hilarious seeing butthurt Nintendo fanboys defending the lack of games at launch. The only must have game is out on the Wii U on the same day and doesn’t look much different graphically either.

          Enjoy your shovelware titles and old ports. You won’t get much else from third parties.

        • First off, Arms isn’t a launch title. It comes out later. BOTW, 1,2 Switch, Bomberman R, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and a few others are coming out at launch. Not Arms though. It says Spring, but that doesn’t mean launch. Spring goes from March to the end of June usually. So it’s coming out sometime in those months but not launch.

          Secondly, the people bitching about the launch line-up on the Switch forget just how terrible the PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One launches were. 360 had 6 games at launch. One was Perfect Dark Zero and the other was COD 2. PS3 I believe had Resistance and not much else worthwile. Hardly a system seller. Xbox One had KI, Dead Rising 3, and Ryse. PS4 had Killzone, Driveclub, and Knack. The PS4 and Xbox 1 had the same 3rd party games at launch. Unless you were a die-hard COD, Battlefield, or FIFA player, you likely didn’t waste your time with it. Doesn’t mean they didn’t sell well because they did. Just not something that made people go, yeah I want that system. Xbox One is doing even worse now that they have done their Games for Windows platform. Sure they push games, but we’re talking consoles. The Switch isn’t any different. BOTW will be the system seller. Everything else is just there. It likely won’t pick up till Splatoon 2 and Mario come out though. Point is none of the consoles have really had awesome launch days. Maybe a few games that die-hards wanted, but no real killer apps.

        • “You’d be insane to buy Day One.”

          Not if you just want a physical copy of TBoI Afterbirth+. Buying ARMS and BotW too and for some announced and unannounced that are coming to it shortly but no other platform has a physical copy of that game.

          I probably won’t ever even play it because I already own multiple copies which are 100% complete as of this morning, but absolutely yes to a physical copy regardless.

        • @10:32

          Dude you can’t defend the Switch’s launch lineup. Besides a game that’s coming out on the Wii U on the same day, it literally has no must have exclusive games to make you buy. Add on that its also more expensive to buy than the PS4/Xbox One. You’d be insane to buy Day One.

    • Nintendo making under powered machines screws them as far as ports go. Nobody wants to make the extra effort to downscale their games to run on their machines.

      However had Nintendo competed with Microsoft and Sony as far as power went, you’d see a lot more ports as they’d be a simple thing to do.

  • Let’s see here…

    Call the console gimmicky – check
    Call the console unimpressive – check
    Say that only Nintendo fans will buy it – check
    Have the usual cancerous comment section – check

    …Yep, it’s a Sankaku Switch article, alright.