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The Red Turtle Acquires Award – “Why Not Kimi no Na wa?”


Studio Ghibli, holding fast to its reputation of producing top-notch animated films, has managed to acquire an award for its latest work known as “The Red Turtle”, an event that has disquieted many due to the fact that Kimi no Na wa has somehow not been “deemed worthy” of its own award yet.

Acquiring the title of “Best Animated Feature – Independent” at the Annie Awards, The Red Turtle clearly possessed enough redeeming qualities to be worthy of such a trophy, which some naturally took as an insult to the “brilliance” of the highly successful Kimi no Na wa.

While Kimi no Na wa was nominated for both the independent prize and the outstanding achievement prize, the film unfortunately collected no awards whatsoever, leading those irreversibly obsessed with the film to immediately deem the entire ceremony rigged (and even more so due to “Zootopia” gaining “Best Animated Feature”).

Many are still holding out for the perfect moment when the “truly deserving” film finally gets further recognition in the west…

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