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China Quality Ride Murders Child


China quality products have caused yet another tragedy, with a ride at Zhaohua Park captured on camera bashing a young girl to death in an incident which seems not to have attracted so much as a fine, the park instead opting to pay off the girl’s parents with a miserly $100,000.

Footage of the upsetting incident was captured by an onlooker, which showed the 13-year-old girl in question managing to slip out of her seat and be swung by the ride itself:

The girl was then bashed into the ride’s metal railing before plummeting to the ground, with rescue responders failing to revive her at the scene and causing her to be rushed to a hospital; unfortunately her injuries proved too great and she was later pronounced dead.

Investigations by police revealed that a malfunction had occurred while the ride was operating, causing the girl’s seat belt to break; police additionally discovered that the ride’s safety bar fit rather loosely over passengers, meaning that an accident was apparently only a matter of time for smaller riders.

Park management discussed compensation with the family of the deceased, agreeing on a sum of about $127,000, with the wounds inflicted by such a tragedy apparently being hastily healed by the promise of fortune and criminal culpability seemingly out of the question…

All of the larger rides at the park were shut down as a result of the incident so that they could be inspected, while other companies who had the same type of ride in their possession have been advised to do the same and told to contact its manufacturer.

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