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Dissidia Final Fantasy “Soon Arriving to PS4!”


Final Fantasy arcade fighter Dissidia Final Fantasy will at last be gracing the PS4, an opportunity that rabid Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for since 2015 and which seems to affirm the company’s occasional interest in non-console and non-smartphone platforms as long as it does not involve as much acute effort as making an actual new game.

An interview (in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine) with Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade producer Ichiro Hazama and director Takeo Kujiraoka revealed that the console version will also possess a story mode, though it has been stated that the game will still have heavy emphasis on battles, thus players can likely expect the plot to be rather superficial.

In addition, Kujiraoka mentioned that pushing the game into E-sports territory is a possibility, an unsurprising turn of events considering the popularity of the Final Fantasy franchise and the highly competitive nature of fighting games.

The development team has assured fans however that the arcade game and console version will both be supported to their fullest extent and that one will not delay the content of the other, a fate that usually befalls arcade titles that transition to consoles.

Those who can’t wait for Dissidia Final Fantasy to arrive on PS4 can still preoccupy themselves with the arcade version for now.

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