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Nyankee High School: “Bad Boys Turn Into Pussies!”




Delinquent schoolboys have served as the subject of this newly announced project entitled “Neko Danshi: Nyankee High School”, which is set in a world where delinquents take part in testosterone-fueled battles and the loser is transformed into a helpless little kitten, seemingly perfect for those who can appreciate cute puns and lovable cats.

A 3-minute PV explaining the project’s main premise:

Neko Danshi: Nyankee High School will have its own LINE app (where fujoshi can endlessly interact with their favorite “bad boys” of the series) and its own manga which will be serialized in Hakusensha’s Hana to Yume Shoujo magazine as a one-shot chapter on February 3rd, followed by regular serialization on April 20th.

The title will no doubt become another beloved title for ravenous fujoshi due to it focusing on a myriad of “desirable” schoolboys…

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