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Masako Nozawa Snags 2 Guinness World Records


Legendary Dragon Ball seiyuu Masako Nozawa’s dedication to her voice acting career has net her not one but two Guinness World records, instilling awe amongst her numerous fans and motivating up and coming voice actors to strive for the same degree of success.

Masako Nozawa has been determined to be the current record-holder for “the longest time voicing a single character in video games” and “the longest time working as a voice actor in video games”, achieved courtesy of her world-renowned role as Dragon Ball Z’s unstoppable seiyan Goku:




Masako Nozawa has been voicing the almighty Goku for nearly 24 years, beginning her work in video game voice-acting in 1993; Nozawa was finally presented with her award at a ceremony in Tokyo on January 31st.

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