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Man Shot For Playing Pokemon Go


A 60-year-old man playing Pokemon Go in a parking lot has been gunned down by a US security guard for no apparent reason, with the fact that the shooter has neither been charged or outed for mob justice further inflaming matters.

The Virginia man, originally of Chinese extraction, was sitting in his minivan playing the 2016 smartphone hit when a security guard came to argue with him for reasons yet unknown and then shot him to death, though the victim’s attorney believes the fight came about due to the elderly man’s limited English vocabulary.

A comment from the River Walk Community Association of the nearby neighborhood stated that they only hire “unarmed roving patrol services”, thus many are confused as to why and how the security guard had a firearm in his possession, or why he shot the elderly Chinese victim five times through his front windshield.

Investigations are still underway, but considering the police have withheld the security guard’s name and have yet to charge him, there is some fear that this will be another situation where a criminal will end up getting off scot-free – assuming the old man was not indeed up to no good…

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