Aborted Fetus “Found in Restaurant Fridge”


Gourmands will be disgusted to learn that an aborted fetus has been discovered in the fridge of a Miyazaki prefecture restaurant, apparently abandoned by its female owner for reasons unknown – though thankfully it avoided the clutches of any less than attentive chef who might otherwise have accidentally served up some very unusual sashimi…

The 19-year-old culprit had apparently abandoned her fetus by leaving it in a cooler bag inside the restaurant’s refrigerator, later being apprehended and arrested by police over the matter, being charged with improper abandonment of a corpse (or human remains at any rate).

Admitting to the allegations, it was revealed that the teen girl aborted her unborn child at a hospital last December, being given her deceased fetus to do with as she willed – and naturally making many question why she would resort to leaving her personal biomedical waste at a restaurant of all places.

Those inclined to the macabre have surmised that it may have been a prank to see if the chefs would actually end up confusing it with actual food and serving it to customers, although she may just as likely not have had the funds to prepare a proper funeral.

Regardless, it is apparent that the “mother” did not care much for the child, which many will not find particularly surprising considering she aborted it in the first place…

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