Lonely Thief Filches Sex Doll “He Came Prepared”


Surveillance cameras have captured the thieving deeds of one desperate China man who infiltrated a sex shop early in the morning to steal a full-body sex doll (total: ~$44), with whatever criminal penalties his crime might attract likely paling compared to the lifelong celibacy which awaits him should he be caught.

Stealing from a vending machine that can be accessed 24 hours a day, the man can be observed forcefully breaking into one of its compartments to reap the goods within:


An investigation is apparently already underway in an attempt to find the pitiable man, with the store owner suspecting the crime to have been “premeditated” as the thief came with a bag of various implements to aid in his “heinous” deed.

The levels of desperation which prompted such an act may provoke some to pity – as might his level of moral turpitude provoke contempt.

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