Cop’s Romero Special “Sexual Harassment!”


A policeman may be facing discipline for sexual harassment for putting female colleagues in a wrestling hold known as the “Romero Special”, although with the complexity and impracticality of such a move practically demanding a compliant if not actively cooperating target, many may have doubts about the incident.

The incident occurred at a 25-person gathering at a restaurant in Nagahama City, where the policeman thought showing off his strength would be a great way to not only boost his ego but serve as “jolly good entertainment” – opting to put his colleagues in a rather strange position with a wrestling move as opposed to more normal activities.

Delighting in the event, others at the restaurant began taking pictures of the police officer’s muscular feat, though one of his “victims” were wearing a skirt at the time (though she did apparently have shorts on underneath), guaranteeing outrage from the women involved.

There has been no police clarification regarding whether the women were forced into the odd position or voluntarily allowed it, potentially elevating the incident from severe overreaction to horseplay gone severely awry…

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  • I am pretty sure there’s better ways to restrain a subject, especially if you are trained cop and not someone wearing it just for show. You know how US cops handle this situations impeccably, of course I am not talking about the ones that use excessive use of force.

    • There is nothing excessive about this move. It appears to be some sort of stretching but that is not how gravity works. The person on the bottom can’t pull the arms of the person on top or they would come crashing down, in fact they have to push against the arm to even hold the position and the person on top has to hook their legs around the other person’s legs as to not simply slide down. So yeah, there is no force applied to any part of the “victim” whatsoever. It’s just one person pushing up another person.

      • Nearly all “pro-wrestling” moves seem to be like this. People buy into it purely through the acted out “Aaargghh!” the so called victims give, but barely any of them work. I can’t help but look at half of them and simply ask, what the hell is he supposed to be doing there? How is that straining anything? Where is the impact supposed to come from? How does it have any relevant effect at all? etc.

        Is all just over cuddly gymnastics routines. :/

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